Multi-family home

The project in Eschenbach, Switzerland, is an apartment building with 6 residential units. Lynus implemented an energy management system there in combination with the existing PV system from Fronius, a battery storage battery storage system from Fronius, a heat pump from Vissmann and an electric heating cartridge in the domestic water domestic hot water tank.


The project in Switzerland is a large area with various buildings. There are commercial premises with offices, restaurants, meeting rooms, but also residential units. The whole is divided into different buildings. Lynus delivered there an optimized management to control the 4 heat pumps of the buildings S16, S18, S20 and S22. In addition, the electrical consumers and generators are recorded.

Single family home

In South Tyrol, there is a single-family house that was optimized with a Lynus solution. In particular, the setting room control was tackled and optimized.

Alpine hut

Lynus is not only used in the city or in the countryside, but also in the mountains. In the case of the alpine hut, the task was to combine the existing hydroelectric power plant with a battery storage system.

Tech Cluster

The Tech Cluster is one of the most innovative areas in the whole of Switzerland. In addition to the partly newly built production area, there is also space for other companies, startups, institutions and residential areas. The whole thing is located in the center of the city of Zug.

ZEV billing overbuilding

This project is a superstructure in Switzerland with 3 buildings and a total of 41 energy meters. These concern apartments as well as a general part.


In the case of the hotel project in South Tyrol, the aim was to create sufficient charging infrastructure or charging power for guests around the clock. around the clock. However, the existing grid connection was not sufficient for this. And the existing PV system mostly produces surplus power when the guests are on the road with their cars, i.e. during the day. Thus came Lynus came into play.