Optimize energy consumption and
performance through
Machine Learning


Rising CO₂ Emissions Worldwide

Global energy demand is set to increase by 4.6% in 2021 - led by emerging and developing economies - above 2019 levels. Demand for all fossil fuels will increase significantly in 2021, with both coal and gas above 2019 levels.

How we can solve them

Optimize Heating

Thanks to our Heating Circuit Optimization algorithm, Lynus is able to reduce heating by 25%. This is accomplished by taking the current and future weather and temperature into account.


Anomaly Detection

With Anomaly Detection it is possible to identify unexpected items or events in data sets, which differ from the norm. With this solution we can monitor and identify spikes in energy consumption.

Energy Management System

The Lynus Energy Management system, aided by machine learning, makes it possible to monitor, control and optimize the performance of power generation or transmission.

The all-in-one Tool

Lynus is the all-in-one tool that combines machine learning for energy- and performance optimization with many other features like data visualization, alerts, user management for a complete experience.

Potential Benefits


Reduction in energy costs


Reduction in CO₂ Emissions

< 3 Years

Return on Investment


More in-House Power Consumption

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