Climate change and geopolitical dependence are both motivator and driver. We see our obligation to future generations to make a contribution to the preservation of our planet as our task. The technical tools are in place, the political will is largely confirmed, but the active implementation and realization is realization is unfortunately lagging behind expectations.


40% of the total CO2 emissions are caused by buildings.

Energy costs are relevant for the operation of buildings and are constantly increasing.

Energy consumers and generators in the building:

  • Do not communicate with each other
  • React only to the current situation
  • Do not anticipate weather changes

Over the last 15 years, we have seen systems in the building become more and more efficient. The manufacturers of energy systems focus on their application; networking of trades and systems is a secondary of secondary importance. The Lynus team has set itself the goal, by networking systems and components, systems to the next energy-saving level.

Potential in Europe

95 TWh


Energy consumption

20 billions CHF

Annual energy savings potential

22 Mio. tons of CO2

Reduction potential in EU

The sheer numbers speak for themselves but we would like to highlight a few more points

  • The net electricity production of the whole Switzerland is about 65 TWh
  • The total amount of energy striking the Earth's surface is more than five thousand times greater than humanity's energy needs
  • A degree of self-sufficiency of 75-80% is easily achievable with today's technology
  • With a 2.5 kWp photovoltaic system the electricity is produced to drive 15,000 km per year
  • Electricity from a gas or steam power plant costs about 8 to 10 € cents per kWh in Europe
  • Electricity from a small photovoltaic system costs between 5.5 to 8 € cents per kWh
  • Electricity costs including grid fees (DE >0,30 € IT >0,30 € CH >0,24 CHF AT >0,25€)
  • A photovoltaic system for single-family homes reduces the household's electricity-related CO2 emissions by 45 percent - with storage, the figure is up to 85 percent. If a heat pump is installed, emissions drop by 32 percent without storage and 71 percent with storage.

The Lynus platform connects components, looks into the future (weather forecast) and uses this to create individual energy schedules for the building.

Potential in Europe

Connect energy components on a platform

Create energy schedules with machine learning (predict weather changes).

Monitor and document savings in CHF/€ and kg CO2

SaaS for PropTech
Energy components
Planning & Implementation

For stable, intelligent and above all sustainable energy concepts.

Make yourself independent from oil and gas

This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the planet. A one-time investment gives you long-term security and protection against rising energy costs.

No matter how high the prices for oil or gas may still rise: You are independent and at the same time reduce your personal CO2 emissions and actively contribute to the energy transition.